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Dramatis Personae

Name : Axel (Ax-Man) Dubois

Age: Unknown at this time. Presumed to be in his 30s.

Profile: A con artist private investigator who runs a small operation that specializes in paranormal investigations, conspiracy theories, and other unexplained phenomena. He subscribes to the same school of thought popularized by philosophers such as P.T. Barnum. This being said, he could be perceived as exploiting endorsing fringe beliefs, and pseudo science. He is also skilled at false advertising, marketing, and hyperbole.

Due to his ability to talk a good game (and use logical fallacies), he greatly overestimates his own intelligence. He is generally considered a fraud and charlatan. 


Name: Aysha (Ash) Lozano 

Age: Presumably early to mid 30s.

Profile: Axel's partner in crime business matters. This detective agency of theirs is evidently not their first scheme enterprise. She is every bit as adept at the con game as Axel. But, like Axel, she is nowhere near as clever as she thinks she is.

Aysha often supplies exotic gadgetry and weaponry courtesy of her connection with various black markets specialty vendors. She does not always understand how these items work. Said items do not always function as intended, assuming that they function at all. 

Name: Holden (full name unknown)

Age: Undetermined; Early 30s at least.

Profile: Holden is a freelance informant for Axel and Aysha. He also acts as a buffer of sorts between clients and investigator. Presumably he has other parties for whom he also serves in a similar capacity. Given his chosen profession, it's a good idea to assume that Holden is probably not his real name.