Comic 191 - Polaris Chapter 13 page 2

14th Sep 2019, 1:02 PM in Polaris Chapter 13
Polaris Chapter 13 page 2
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Panda Cop 25th May 2020, 1:59 PM edit delete reply
Panda Cop
Reminds me of those old stoies about inner earth holes on the poles.

I watched somthing interesting about it. That there is like a hole through the earth and all planetoids have it and like energy/radiation fields pass through it.

There was no like city with people inside just a hole. Lol so wild
straker 27th May 2020, 9:49 AM edit delete reply
There are similar theories about Earth's moon being hollow. In fact, David Weber once wrote a novel series (Ashes of Armageddon) where the moon is actually an alien spaceship. I really wish that TV sci fi would explore more of these sci-fi plot elements instead of just being soap opera or political drama.
Panda Cop 27th May 2020, 1:47 PM edit delete reply
Panda Cop
Yeah i remember nasa shot a rocket at the moon (said it was to test for water?) and it rang like a gong apparently so they thought it might be hollow and made of titanium

What fucks me up about the moon is that the same side faces us always what is up with that?

Also there is like a big spike on the moon i forget what it is called like the spire maybe